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Marvelous Maxx: Young boy's learn words & medicine! 😉

What would you do if your best friend swallowed a dime? Maxx Merman,

a 7-year-old with some medical smarts learned from his doctor dad, can help!

In the spirit of the popular world building series, we’ve written Marvelous Maxx and the Missing Coin; a picture book for 4-8-year-olds. Marvelous Maxx offers a fresh twist: not only is it an adventure that builds vocabulary, but it teaches some basic medical facts and first aid, as well as helps allay the fear of doctors’ visits.

After Maxx’s best friend Lucas accidentally swallows a dime, Maxx quickly checks him out. Then, following a visit to the Doctors office and an X-ray, Lucas and his mom are relieved to hear that they only need to wait for his gut “to give a refund.” Maxx and Lucas discover that the doctor's office is more interesting than scary, and soon after, Lucas delivers “the refund” everyone was waiting for!

Marvelous Maxx is a series. Other titles include Marvelous Maxx and the… Bumblebee, Field Trip, 4th of July, Shaking Student, Vanishing Heart, Toy Store, Stuck-Up Popcorn, Vanishing Heart, and Hidden Peanut.

We believe Marvelous Maxx can capture that elusive young boy's market, growing their vocabulary while teaching medical knowledge and skills.

Warm regards,

John & Catherine Higgins

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