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Main Characters

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a resilient 7-year-old with some medical & mechanics smarts learned from his doctor dad and engineer mom, might just help you out with your next emergency.  He loves listening to Hawaiian music – he fell in love with it when the family went to Maui, and his favorite books to read are Harry Potter and the Hobbit.  Maxx is quick thinker, and sometimes gets a feeling that something is about to happen.  He loves to watch his dad helping people at the clinic, and he wants to be a doctor when he grows up.  Maxx loves soccer, but also secretly loves ballet – only Arielle knows about this because she is in his Ballet class.  His favorite food is ham & pineapple pizza


Maxx's 4-years-old brother, loves dinosaurs, soccer, and telling jokes.  He sometimes gets up to mischief, and totally loves fireworks, especially on July 4th.  Ethan’s favorite book is Aladdin, and he has a pretend ‘magic carpet’ in his bedroom.  He loves building things with Legos, and he has a cool Star Wars Lego spaceship with lights and sounds.  He also loves running and playing tag with Bloomberg his dog.  Ethan is very much into soccer, and not only plays at school, but also in a local team; he is often found kicking the soccer ball and doing tricks in the back yard.  Ethan is especially good at computers and using apps on his mom’s smartphone.

Dr. David Merman

aka Maxx's Dad has a Cape Cod tan, bench presses 284 ld., loves 50-mile bike rides, listening to Coldplay & U2, and taking Maxx along to see his amazing patients.  He went to school at Boston college and trained in Cardiology at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis Missouri – that’s where her met Maxx’s mother.  They both like outdoor fun, and wanted to relocate to somewhere warmer that had great opportunities for doctors and engineers, so they moved to Houston TX.  His favorite place is Maui – that is where he and Carissa were married. He loves to play Hawaiian music and he can play the ukulele too.

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Carissa Merman

Maxx's mom, is a civil engineer, stays calm under pressure, and can run a 1:45 half-marathon. She can keep up with Maxx!  She grew up in St Louis Missouri – and that’s where she met Maxx’s dad.  She can cook an amazing clam chowder which is Maxx’s dads favorite soup. Carissa is amazing at math, and can do big calculations in her head.  She also loves to paint and play piano too


a 2-year-old Shih Tzu dog, loves getting into mischief with Ethan.  He is especially smart, very fast, and is always wanting to hand out with the children.  He can jump into the air and catch things while gliding in flight, and also loves bright sparkly things. His favorite foods are ground beef, duck, chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato.  One of his special talents is he likes to hum along (almost sing!) when Ethan sings to him. His favorite places are the backyard chasing squirrels or socializing with other dogs at the park.


7-year-old fun-loving girl & a one of Maxx’s besties.  She is a Chinese-Caucasian blend-high IQ & EQ girl-who can bend it on the soccer field, sing to Taylor Swift, and Hip-Hop dance. She is also amazing at ballet, and plays the harp.  Her favorite books are the Nancy Drew series for aspiring detectives, and she loves the Trolls movies.  Sensitive and aware of feelings, she is the first to comfort you if you are hurt.  She is bilingual and super-good at math and music.  She also loves to be up on stage acting in school plays or dancing.  Her favorite food is cheese pizza and shrimp pasta.


7-year-old super-fast runner and wins most track and field events.  He is also a best friend of Maxx, and is from New Orleans – his parents relocated to Houston after several really bad hurricanes.  He loves all sports, fishing, and his grandmothers' gumbo. He has a severe peanut allergy and so has to carry an EpiPen in his backpack.  He is also a blue-belt at Karate, and generally says what is on his mind and tells the truth.  He can do some really funny voice impersonations of grown-ups like teachers. He loves shrimp and 3-cheese pizza.

Dr Kristy Zhang - Doctor Z.jpg
Doctor Kristy Zhang (Doctor. Z)

a pediatrician that all children love.   She is funny and smart, loves eating dumplings, Korean BBQ, and listening to Mozart. Her favorite quote: “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”  After growing up in southern China and studying at Peking University, she did her medical degree and Harvard Medical School and then did a family practice residency at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.  It was too cold in Boston so she moved to Houston.  She has a big Labrador named “Boston” that she loves to run with in the park, and she is s superb family physician who also helps out at Maxx’s school.

Mrs. Ori

2nd-grade teacher of Maxx, Arielle, and Lucas.  She is Hispanic and has a masters degree in elementary education from the University of Houston.  She has been teaching 2nd grade for 15 years and is amazing at getting the children excited about learning.  She makes an amazing salsa and queso dip for special school events.  She also loves to play Spanish flamingo guitar, and has Spanish sing-a-longs every Friday afternoon with her class to improve their Spanish language skills.

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