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In the spirit of the popular children's picture book vocabulary building series, we’ve written the Marvelous Maxx books as a bridge for 4-8-year-olds. Marvelous Maxx offers a fresh twist: not only is it an adventure that builds vocabulary, but it teaches some basic medical facts and first aid, as well as helps allay the fear of doctors’ visits. 

Come along with Maxx and his friends - Arielle & Lucas - as they face many adventures and challenges, and overcome them!  

We hope you fall in love with Maxx and his friends.

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Marvelous Maxx

Books in this series include:

Marvelous Maxx’s Wonderful World

Marvelous Maxx and the Bumblebee (Mar 25, 2021)

Marvelous Maxx and the Field Trip

Marvelous Maxx and the Missing Coin

Marvelous Maxx and the Shaking Student

Marvelous Maxx and the 4th of July

Marvelous Maxx and the Hidden Peanut (Dec 2021)

Marvelous Maxx and the Stuck-up Popcorn (Sept 16, 2021)

Marvelous Maxx and the Vanishing Heart

Marvelous Maxx and the Toy Store (Mar 2022)

Marvelous Maxx and the Dizzy Girl

Marvelous Maxx and the Halloween Candy

Who are Marvelous Maxx & his friends? 

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John and Catherine Higgins

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About the Authors

John Higgins is a Harvard-trained cardiologist who is passionate about treating patients and engaging in community outreach to advocate for a heart-healthy lifestyle.  He is frequently featured on various television and radio interviews and is an 8-time winner of the UT system Dean’s Teaching Award.  In addition to writing Marvelous Maxx, John is the author of three books for those practicing or interested in the medical field, including Cardiology Clinical Questions published by McGraw Hill.
Catherine Higgins works in energy trading risk management. Her interests include painting, baking, and reading the popular “Fancy Nancy” series with Arielle, her daughter, which inspired her to write Marvelous Maxx.


They wrote Marvelous Maxx to help young boys and girls grow their vocabulary and gain practical first aid skills while at the same time enjoy a fun action packed adventure with Maxx, Arielle, Lucas, Ethan, Bloomberg, and Dr. Zhang.

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Who is Maxx Merman?

Nickname: Doctor Maxx 

Maxx Merman, a resilient 7-year-old boy with some medical & mechanics smarts learned from his doctor dad and engineer mom, might just help you out with your next emergency.


After being stung by a bumblebee, Maxx realizes he is allergic and needs to see a doctor right away! What will happen when Maxx meets Doctor Z? Will Maxx be okay?  Marvelous Maxx and the Bumblebee is the first book in an up-and-coming children’s series. Each book teaches the reader a new medical/first-aid fact, and 10-20 high-frequency words are presented vividly for new readers aged three to eight to build their word power.  The authors seek to introduce children to what happens at doctor's visits so as to allay their anxiety about going to the doctor.  The next book in the series, Marvelous Maxx and the Stuck-up Popcorn has just been released.

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