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Marvelous Maxx and the Hidden Peanut

When Lucas starts to develop a skin rash and difficulty breathing at International Food Day at school, Maxx recognizes that Lucas is having an allergic reaction. Maxx quickly retrieves Lucas’ Epi-Pen from his backpack. Ms. Ori delivers the Epi-Pen injection and Dr. Zhang helps solve the mystery of which food had the Hidden Peanut!

Hidden Peanut
Marvelous Maxx and the 4th of July

Seven-year-old Maxx’s best friend Lucas is staying over for the night. A backyard camp-out and secret fireworks mission turn into mayhem when Ethan trips, his sparkler flies through the air and lights the entire basketful of fireworks. The children learn valuable lessons about safety and telling the truth.

4th of July
Marvelous Maxx and the Shaking Student

Seven-year-old Maxx and his best friends Lucas and Arielle are playing freeze-tag. Tomás, a classmate, collapses and starts shaking. Maxx recognizes this as a seizure, does the correct first aid, and notifies their teacher, Ms. Ori. Dr. Zhang comes and the class learns more about seizures.

Shaking Student
Marvelous Maxx and the Vanishing Heart

Seven-year-old Maxx brings his dad’s human heart model for “show and tell.” When the model disappears at lunchtime, the class cannot find it. Later, the heart model is located – a lower-school boy took it after he overheard his brother talking about ‘the heart’. Maxx shows empathy by giving the boy a little chocolate heart to solve his problem.

Vanishing Heart
Marvelous Maxx and the Soccer Game

Seven-year-old Maxx’s day starts by watching his dad doing heart surgery. Later, when his best friend Lucas gets slammed in the head by a soccer ball causing a bloody nose, Maxx, with Arielle’s help, stops the bleeding. At home, Maxx’s dad, a doctor, is so proud of him!

Soccer Game
Marvelous Maxx and the Field Trip

Seven-year-old Maxx’s and his best friends Lucas and Arielle are on a school field trip. After the three complete their leaf assignment, Maxx and Lucas climb a tree. After a bird poops on Maxx, he and Lucas end up falling into a large stinky muddy patch, and together they look like a big Oreo cookie!

Field Trip
Marvelous Maxx and the Missing Coin

Maxx’s best friend Lucas, pretending to be a magician, does a coin trick. Oh no! Lucas swallows the penny! Dr. Zhang reassures Lucas’ mom to just wait for the refund! When “the refund” arrives, the now-famous penny becomes Lucas’ next “show and tell.”

Missing Coin
Marvelous Maxx and the Toy Store

Seven-year-old Maxx and his best friends Lucas and Arielle bound into a brand new toy store. Bouncing on the 20-foot trampoline is fun, except when a big boy lands right next to Lucas, ejecting him. Lucas lands hard on the floor and dislocates his shoulder. Maxx does his magic fix and pops the shoulder back in. Dr. Zhang checks it all out later and gives Maxx a “well done” high five!

Toy Store
Marvelous Maxx and the Dizzy Girl

Seven-year-old Maxx and his best friends Lucas and Arielle are watching track and field. It’s a sweltering day - 95 degrees! Lucas already has his gold medal, and Maxx is envious of him. Parker Kim, a favorite for the girls’ race, starts getting leg cramps and gets dizzy. Maxx recognizes these signs of heat exhaustion, and with the help of Lucas and Arielle, starts first aid with towels, ice, and water. Parker had not been drinking enough water and is a little sick. Ms. Ori and Coach Campbell get Parker back to the school clinic for a full recovery. Parker promises Maxx that from now on, she will “hydrate to the max!”

Dizzy Girl
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